Headache Clinic in Queen Anne, Seattle

A Fresh Approach to Diagnosing & Treating Head Pain

Suffering from headaches, tinnitus, vertigo, or TMJ? Using advanced imaging and proven therapies to relieve inflammation and tension, our headache clinic in Seattle, WA can help you find the relief you need.

Headache Clinic in Queen Anne, Seattle

At Seattle Headache Center, our main focus is pain management for jaw-related headaches and migrainestinnitusvertigo and dizziness, and TMJ issues.

If you are looking for a compassionate, skilled practitioner, our dental care team headed by Dr. Bryan Brenner is here to help you get the care you need.

Our priority is to deliver the highest quality mouth and jaw therapy to our patients in a comfortable and understanding setting.

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Find real relief from head pain at Seattle Headache Center.

Pain and discomfort in your head, ears, or jaw can disrupt your life. Too often treatments fail to resolve the tension, vertigo, blinding migraines, or constant ear ringing. But there is hope.

The TruDenta system is based on medical advances in muscle anatomy, injury recovery, and rehabilitation, with a particular focus on how the jaw muscles, joints, and nerves impact head health. TruDenta is a new way to treat many painful conditions including:

Find out how you can experience relief from the very first session with Dr. Brenner.

Precision diagnosis

The TruDenta system draws on advances in medical technology to diagnose and treat underlying and often overlooked causes of head pain and discomfort using:

  • Bite force analysis with proprietary T-Scan technology.
  • Range of motion analysis to assess movement and uncover areas of chronic muscle tension and inflammation.
  • Headache history to document history and symptoms.
  • Muscle exam to identify areas of restricted motion and tension.
  • Head health questionnaire to identify areas of past trauma and create a comprehensive treatment plan.

Proven therapies

The program uses proven, noninvasive technologies to relieve inflammation and strengthen the alignment and function of muscles and nerves including:

  • Therapeutic ultrasound treatment improves circulation and addresses scar tissue.
  • Trigger point therapy targets pain and tension by breaking up muscle knots, increasing blood flow and reducing inflammation.
  • Transcutaneous microcurrent is a pain-free therapy that reduces muscle spasms, blocks pain, decreases lactic acid build-up and encourages healthy nerve activity.
  • Low-level laser therapy decreases pain and inflammation and accelerates healing of muscle and joint tissue while supporting natural nerve function.

TruDenta is a comprehensive approach to head pain and discomfort. It works to resolve underlying conditions in the mouth and jaw that trigger a host of painful conditions in the head. You can get relief from the first treatment.



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