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About Our Practice

At Brenner Dental Care we take pride in offering state-of-the-art dental services in a calming environment. Whether patients need a routine cleaning or a restorative dental procedure our staff is waiting to walk you through the process.

Dr. Brenner utilizes the latest technology to allow for highly accurate treatment plans offering minimally invasive procedures and faster healing times for his patients.

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The Seattle Headache Center has been the leader in dental services since 2015. Dr. Bryan Brenner is a highly skilled practitioner who strives to deliver high-quality jaw and mouth therapy focusing on TMJ issues, vertigo and dizziness, and tinnitus; along with helping patients alleviate jaw-related migraines and headaches.

We achieve this by offering personalized treatment plans for each patient to ensure their concerns are addressed and a plan is in place.

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"Use your smile to change the world; don't let the world change your smile."

Chinese Proverb

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Meet Dr. Bryan Brenner

Dr. Brenner understand that dentistry plays a role in an individual's well-being and total body health.

He takes pride in running an office that treats its patients like family in an environment designed to instill a sense of relaxation. By counting his education, he is able to offer patients the latest dental procedures to help minimize healing time.

About Our Team

Dr. Brenner's dental team treats each patients like family. By taking the time to get know each patients we can help to make sure their concerns are addressed and that they are at ease for each procedure.Each staff member is passionate about the practice and tasks pride in offering the best patient care possible. Please contact our office to schedule your consultations and meet our wonderful dental office team!

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