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Dr. Lem Nguyen’s Inspirational Trip to Vietnam

Dr. Lem turned her recent family trip to Vietnam into an inspiring opportunity to help others.  Here are just a few photos from her trip.  It’s beautiful to see how happy these kids are! Thank you for sharing, Dr. Lem!


Primary School

Education is very important in our family, and a good number of my dad’s family members work as teachers, administrators, and librarians. My aunts, now retired, were able to facilitate a meeting at a local school while on our trip. It took about ten of us to help distribute toothbrushes, toothpaste, notebooks, and snacks for 800 kids! It was such a fun day. The kids were smiling and very cheerful upon receiving their packages. We made sure to include the teachers and faculty and gifted them with toothbrushes and toothpaste as well.



Buddhist Temple

During the second part of our trip, we visited a local Buddhist temple that also served as a regional orphanage. Children live here until they are old enough to choose their life’s path. Some decide to live and continue in their ministry while others move on and select a different calling. With around 40 kids in all, they ranged in age from infants to teenagers. We provided the children with the same packages that we delivered to the primary school. The temple survives on donations and help from volunteers.


Two Small Towns

When it comes to basics, a little goes a long way in Vietnam. We were lucky enough to be able to make a difference in two small towns. Our family donated rice, grains, and cooking essentials for 200 residents. We worked in high heat and humidity. The whole experience, in seeing the faces of those we were able to help, was quite emotional. My family fled Vietnam after the war, and it is frightening to think that not all the boats made it. Many died along the way. My life is vastly different, and I am forever grateful for everything I have and for everyone who has given me an opportunity.



~ Dr. Lem Nguyen, DDS ~