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Missing Teeth?! Choose Dental Implants


Dental Implant


Fall is the season of changing leaves, football, and biting into fresh, crisp apples. If you’re missing a tooth, or teeth, the latter makes you cringe! Missing teeth make eating your favorite foods less enjoyable and, in some cases, incredibly painful. With the placement and restoration of dental implants, Brenner Dental Care will help you enjoy your favorite foods again!

Why Replace My Tooth?

Whether you lost your tooth due to a fall, an accident, or dental decay, you MUST replace it! This is not just for cosmetic purposes. Teeth provide an important function. The longer you wait to replace your tooth, the greater the chance you’ll suffer irreparable gum shrinkage and bone loss, creating even more dental issues for you in the future.

Without some type of replacement, your body begins to resorb, or dissolve, that bone because it doesn’t think it needs it anymore. The surrounding teeth gradually tip in toward that gap a little at a time. As you continue to eat and bite and chew, your opposing teeth will add extreme pressure to the area and THOSE teeth will fall out. Imagine hammering a nail that is no longer square. After enough time and pressure, that nail is going to bend, break, or pop. Do not create that domino effect with your teeth!

Why Dental Implants?

You have four tooth replacement options:

  1. a partial denture
  2. a partial bridge
  3. a fixed bridge
  4. a dental implant (our recommendation)

While Dr. Brenner and Dr. Nguyen perform all four options, the first three are only temporary solutions. Using the above analogy, these placeholders let that nail hang on for just a bit longer. Eventually, continued wear and tear from biting causes shifting and a loosening of the bond between your gums and your appliance. Throughout this process, your gums will continue to recess and you will suffer additional bone loss and a shifting of your teeth. Brenner Dental Care recommends dental implants because an implant acts as a permanent replacement for your natural tooth root, tricking the body into treating it as if it were the original.

How Do Dental Implants Work?

Dr. Brenner inserts a titanium dental implant, which mimics the design and function of your natural tooth shape. Titanium is one of the few materials the body accepts without infection. A dental implant outlasts all other tooth replacement options because it is held securely in your jawbone. The healing process takes anywhere between two to four months before Dr. Brenner is able to add your custom tooth restoration. While you are healing, Dr. Brenner will provide you with a stand-in so that you do not walk around toothless for months.


Dr. Bryan Brenner offers dental implant placement at both the Queen Anne and White Center offices. Thank you again for supporting Dr. Brenner and Dr. Nguyen as your Seattle dentists!  For more information on dental implants, click here to watch a few short videos for a more visual description.  To make an appointment, call (206) 258-4965 or make an appointment online.