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Dr. Brenner, Kid-Calming Tooth Whisperer?!

BRENNER DENTAL CARE HAS BEEN nominated for ParentMap’s Golden Teddy Award for Kids’ Dentist since the contest’s inception. This is a great distinction for us because our patients take the time to let others know that we are a family practice. Dr. Brenner sees patients of all ages, starting from the tiniest of babies to the wisest of adults.

ParentMap’s Golden Teddy Award

If you enjoy voting, please take a moment and vote for Dr. Bryan Brenner/Brenner Dental Care as the Kid-Calming Tooth Whisperer (their words) in the “parenting resources” category. You may ask what we get out of this, and that is an excellent question.

In full disclosure, if we win, we end up with a Golden Teddy Award decal that we’ll place prominently in our office window. We will also receive a free listing on ParentMap’s online resource page. While we won’t win a physical prize, the recognition showcases our love for treating kids. We truly enjoy having children come to visit. If you do vote, you will be eligible for great prizes as a thank you from ParentMap. We don’t know who votes, but we do know that we appreciate it!

Thank You!

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to vote for Dr. Bryan Brenner as the Puget Sound’s Tooth Whisperer. (It gets funnier every time I say it). Good luck in winning the family overnight to Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort.

Voting begins on April 1st and runs through April 30th.

To vote for Brenner Dental Care as the area’s Kid-Calming Tooth Whisperer, follow this link